Monday, February 13, 2012

bare feet

Kind of realised yesterday that I'm super very happy. A million a one little things. I like the way round abouts work. How is it that accidents don't happen every 3.41 seconds? I love the idea of eating, then stop eating, then get hungry, then eat again. How is it that something so simple is such a marvelous scheme? I like friends with red hair and friends with red dresses. I like enrolling when it's part time and online (no time table clashes, no travel needed).

I like pre-breakfast swims, and the book of Hebrews, and I like being brave enough to leave messages on other people's voicemails. I like hats. Changing address via phone instead of filling out forms. Brand name swimwear. A clean kitchen. Smoked salmon from the markets. I like a pair of shoes you can wear just about anywhere. And I like enough places for bare feet.

What things do you like today?

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