Thursday, February 16, 2012


"I know it's scary for you, but despite that.. close your eyes," he says.
"But-" her small voice wants to say.
"And jump," he says.

Dandelion root tea. Art Journal, valentine's day 2012 - "Close your eyes, he says, and jump".

Tonight she sips Dandelion root tea and grins and trembles at the all the possibilities of the future. Tonight the teacup rattles against the saucer as she walks upstairs and downstairs and she wonders which wild dreams to bring to life first. Part of her wants to stay small and possible, but this is something she must not be.

Because the universe doesn't get out of bed for anything short of the passionate and the impossible. Because she has a lionhearted boyfriend. Because she has a God who specialises in miracle-makers.


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