Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Sundays like 211110, I love waking up at 6.00am, cleaning my teeth before breakfast and helping to set out 200 or so plates and bowls and breakfast condiments along long white tables. Sundays I like plenty of people singing grace for each meal, I like high heels, spotty notebooks and courageous prayer. I like intense quietness and plenty of amen. I like lunch meat with plum sauce, afternoon naps, christmas party invitations and people of all ages. I like Sundays when you get hungry but don't go hungry. When you get the feeling you're so happy you're about to cry and you get that feeling several times in one day. When you feel like the best is only getting better.

Then evening comes and you say a million and one goodbyes to people who are leaving, and you say goodbye to some people you hadn't met yet, and you say goodbye to people you reckon are just like you, people who would be your best friends for sure if it weren't for the confines of time and distance. I'm beginning to realise how this world is truly abundant in best friends. Sundays I like waking up happy, grinning, singing, giggling, and falling asleep happy, too, because these goodbyes are not really goodbyes. Aint no mountain high enough.

Just after midday I whispered in mother's ear with a smile - "so how happy is your birthday today?" She looked a little shocked and grinned at me because she'd been having such an intensely favourite day that she forget all about her birthday. :)


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