Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tea, good weather & good food

These days are good days, I suppose. It is raining a lot, which begins to feel blasé after so many days, but it is good weather for teacups, good weather for happy wet dogs, good weather for phone calls, cookbooks, boardgames and food journals. Good weather for a boyfriend 568kms south with wordswithfriends on his new iphone 4s. Good weather for my plans to drive, my plans to move north, get a job, learn some more, laugh some more, cry some more.

Strawberry Cream Tea - hibiscus, rosehip, apple, strawberry, rose.

My new favourite food is baked eggplant, because it tastes as good as cheese without the cheese. I read somewhere that most Americans eat about 35 different specific types of foods in a week but Japanese eat over 100 different foods. I'm really liking the idea of try eat as many different things as possible. I'm finding new thoughts about health, new thoughts I really like.

What thoughts do you like?


ʝaimee said...

My current culinary adventures include wanting to incorporate more Thyme into things and that I desperately want to make a croquembouche

Friday Eudaemonism said...

I definitely think you should make a croquembouche, perhaps mostly so you can say the word croquembouche more often. And then put Croquembouche-Maker on your next resume.

ʝaimee said...

I think these is the beginning of a new era. The croquembouche era. Croquembouche all day, everyday! I had lemon & lychee iced tea today and all I could think was "I wish I had some fig jelly in this!"