Thursday, November 24, 2011


Strawberry tea in floral teacups with saucers. 6pm sunshine and strawberries eaten in a magical garden. Into The wild. Magnificently huge cookbooks. Frozen Planet documentaries on an iPad 2. Carrying pruned macadamia nut branches uphill to be mulched. Working up a sweat. Attempting to train a hairy jack russell to walk sensibly. Salads at 9pm every night. Local newspapers. DVDs in the post. The promise of absurd dentist bills ("If your mum's going to pay for this, you'd better buy her a bunch of flowers," Mr Dentist advises in his Irish voice). A new second hand iphone from Brother. Grandad in hospital. Deciding to name all uncles 'Great Uncle ___' because all uncles I know are great. Sister's homemade muesli for breakfast with Mum's homemade kefir. Nine-thirty phone calls with someone incredibly handsome. Enough sleep and more than enough happy.

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╩Łaimee said...

"Attempting to train a hairy jack russell to walk sensibly."