Saturday, March 26, 2011


I've decided I like saturdays a lot like this.

I'm the girl wearing a black hat and wet hair, getting on a city-bound bus. Weekend public transport seems more relaxed. This bus has windows that actually open. Wind in my hair. Grin on my face.

I'm the girl sitting under a tree, waiting, taking photos of blue sky and city. Eating a green apple. None of this half-hearted namby pamby take three bites and throw the core away business. Really eat an apple. Eat the whole thing. You'll be left with nothing but 3-5 seeds and a centimetre of stalk.

I'm the girl with a brother, ooh ahh-ing over his iPad 2. Walking through the fruit/veg/fashion/gifts markets.

Discussing plans for April. Carrying heavy pink bags.

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