Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wednesday I am sweeping and mopping the outside walls of the house with Mum, getting spiderwebs on my elbows and in my eyes, and chatting to a Wilbur puppy about happy things ... how has your week been, what are your plans for the day, did you know it's christmas really soon?

Wednesday I am making lasagna, eating fig jam on rye bread toast, watching out the window for Paul to arrive, reading Hebrews 10 and deciding that our God is pretty marvelous for giving us a Jesus.

Wednesday I am holding hands with Paul, shaking hands with old friends, chatting to Lisa about girls in Brisbane and vintage stores in Melbourne and ooh ahh-ing at christmas lights.

Wednesday Paul & I are driving in the dark, walking through the rain, playing scattergories & left-handed pictionary with Tegen, Leo, Jenna, Ryan & Jared, eating mocha cheesecake with fruit salad & icecream. Wednesday I am hugging friends goodnight and saying merry christmas and walking on wet grass back to the car with Paul & almost running over 6 million cane toads on the drive home.


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