Thursday, December 23, 2010


I like the kind of thursdays where I wake up at 6.30 because someone attractive is knocking on my door, good morning, good morning. The kind of thursday where I have good morning hugs but curl up in my doona on the couch while he plays world of warcraft and I fall asleep again for 2 hours. The kind of thursday where it's raining and paul is driving and we check out the waves at 5 or 6 different beaches, get petrol, buy croissants and bacon at our local IGA to cook with fresh eggs and dance around the house to loud music and big smiles.

The kind of thursday where we drive places in the rain, get wet feet on wet grass, hold hands in shopping centres, drink boost juice and buy bobby pins. Listen to beethoven while driving around the car park with the windows down. Have dessert before dinner. Play the piano. Eat homemade lasagna with huge piles of salad. Kick each other's feet underneath the dinner table.

This is the kind of thursday I like. :)

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