Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last night while helping mum cook dinner she asked me something like "is this something like what you usually have for tea?" and then asked me "what is a normal day for you like, anyway?"

I smiled and replied to mum - "well I tend to wake up when I feel like it and do whatever I want and eat when I think I'm hungry and hang out with whoever I want to and go to sleep when I'm tired... :)"

I'm realising that I have very little structure in my life these days. I think it's been years and years since I've ever done anything I didn't want to do. And I'm realising that it's not so much the huge things we think will change everything that define us, but it's the small little things we do every day that show us who we really are. This means every day counts. This means my little minutes matter. This means sleep ins and piano playing and afternoon ginger biscuits with sister are what my life is all about today. 600 nanowrimo words. Toasted sandwiches with the family. Messy bedrooms. Clean kitchen. Beirut and Rihanna and Eminem. Boyfriend laughter via skype.

This means I need to stop thinking life is something only for the future and start thinking life is something of the present. I need to be sure that the person I am now is the person I want to be. Else I pray for inspiration and change and a renewal of vows. I pray that a normal day for us will be a great day for us, pray that great days will be the norm.


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