Sunday, November 28, 2010


Braids in hair, bible in hand, long floral skirts. Thankfulness and honest prayers. And after church we have lunch - bright green table cloths, tall glasses of water and a 90 year old lady sitting with you at the dining table, telling the best jokes. Large slices of homemade blackberry cheesecake which is eaten with spoons and small forks.
Afternoon tea with a friend and her one-year-old. Small hands, wobbly toddler legs, huge giggles, plenty of cuddles and smiles. We go for an afternoon walk, pushing the stroller, seeing strangers walking friendly dogs along the new service road. Later we play take two with scrabble tiles, we play the piano, we scatter duplo toys across the lounge room floor.
This evening I've been writing 3000 nanowrimo words in 3 hours, eating cheese & bacon shapes biscuits, finishing a jigsaw puzzle with Mother, helping Sis with her biology prac homework, yawning, and about to go to bed.

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