Monday, September 14, 2009

mantras for monday

1. Smile.
2. Make haste.
3. Do it on purpose.
4. Say yes.
5. Hold nothing back.
6. Nothing can hurt you.
7. Speak, but don't complain.
8. Improve (be better than yesterday).
9. Think good thoughts.
10. God is watching.
11. Revel in small joys.
12. Body, mind and soul.
13. Do something that scares you.
14. Decide for yourself.
15. Music rejuvenates.
16. Live small, think big, feel big.
17. No obligation.
18. You are here because you want to be.
19. Celebrate small victories with great gusto.
20. Admire the sky.
21. Push yourself.
22. Follow curiosities.
23. Avoid time-wasters.
24. Be who you want to be.
25. Sing in the morning.
26. Laugh before midday.
27. Give gifts.
28. Say hi.
29. Hallelujah.
30. Ask why.
31. Ask for help.
32. Eat an orange.
33. Only boring people get bored.
34. Get rid of things that don't work.
35. Share treasures.
36. Don't keep score.
37. Do something good when no one is watching.
38. Live happy, die happy.
39. Declare victory before the battle.
40. Surely goodness and mercy.
41. Change what you don't love, love what you can't change.
42. The street is your catwalk.
43. Demand euphoria.
44. Put successes under your belt.
45. Be not afraid.
46. Nothing has to be perfect.
47. Live juicy.
48. Let it go.
49. You rent your socks.
50. Your future self is poised and counting down.

Which mantras would you adopt? What else can be added to my list?

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