Saturday, July 6, 2013


      "I have a still small voice," says God. "There are thousands of things I want to tell you. Most of these things you will not hear while the radio, TV or computer is switched on. Not while your phone is in your hand. Not while you're doing a work out video. Not while you're giggling with your girlfriends. Not while you're holding hands with a young gentleman. Not while you've got your own to-do list going over and over and over in your mind. You think you can hear all my words above that noise, but you are wrong. There are things I want you to know that can only be heard in quietness.

You think that quietness will keep your life small and mean. You think the quietness will hold you back, slow you down and keep you down. But you couldn't be more wrong. My words in the quietness will make you rich, give you peace and show you happiness. You'll have passion to rise earlier, smile greater, forgive deeper, stand taller and run further.

This quietness will give you a loud life, loud with the words I will speak."

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