Wednesday, August 15, 2012


" cup runneth over" - Psalm 23:5

Today I am grateful for gifts but even more grateful for friendship because my friends have a superhuman love for me, a love that presses on my heart so tight it's hard to breathe, a love more real than any a to z could ever describe. Little me - impatient and imperfect - loved by the world's greatest people and loved beyond time and space by the universe's greatest God.

These days are light and lingering. When the books are tightly shut, my uni assignments feel like a mountain I cannot imagine I'll ever climb and when I'm home here at my parents' place it is hard to see the significance of writing essays, because it feels a million times more relevant to hang washing, walk a dog, boil the kettle for cups of pink vanilla tea, and play a piano all day.

I'll drive east with Wilbur, so we can dip our toes in the water where the river and the Pacific Ocean tumble together like brothers. Where the edge of the earth is a flattened blue line of the deep against sky. I'll think of thankfulness for all my great God gives.

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