Friday, March 2, 2012


Here where I live I can see the neighbour's backyards from my bedroom window. I can see bamboo and mulberry tree tangling up in the other trees. Three million shades of green on the one branch. And sometimes the sky is so blue it keeps me looking again and again.

Life here & now is going places. Post grad study. Volunteer work. Job hunting. First aid qualified. P1 driver licence. City driving. Renting a house.

This whole growing up thing is rather daunting. I'm realising that fear never truly goes away as long as we are continuing to grow. Yes, there are things I do every day now that I'm not scared of anymore, even though once their mere thought made me sick to the stomach. But there are new things that scare me now. I take comfort in knowing that I won't always be afraid of whatever scares me today. One day it will be normal for me. And I can't wait to be brave enough to do all these things that terrify me.

What are you brave enough for today?

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