Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Large Oil Pastels, Colourfun.
Watercolour Pencils, Derwent.
One Year Bible, KJV.
Art Journal, Derwent.
Red Journal, Typo.
Psych Assessment Textbook, Oxford.

I like tuesdays because I don't set an alarm but there is sunshine streaming through my windows. There are spanish classes but not spanish exams. There is watermelon and colourful salads and chilled water. Blue paint on fingers. Psych assessment notes sprawled all over my bed.

Pink ink in a red journal. Great for writing secrets, making vows and discovering epiphanies. How can something as simple as ink on paper be so good for the soul?


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Anonymous said...

Great stack of books and all that sunshine is just lovely! Enjoy your Tuesday!