Friday, September 23, 2011

How to have a great Thursday in 37 magnificent steps:

  1. Bounce out of bed.
  2. Before 9am be walking to the computer lab with your fresh-washed wet hair drying in the sunshine.
  3. Print final draft of article critique. Happiness predicts longer life for healthy people.
  4. Leave a note for 7 remaining flatmates to water my peace lily, cordyline & ferns while I'm away.
  5. Bus to the city and then people-watch at Starbucks.
  6. Have unagidon eel for lunch at Hosaku with brother.
  7. Coordinate a speedy exchange of a can of coke for a monopoly card game.
  8. Walk to the train station only to discover trains aren't working due to a power outage and consequently get a free taxi to the airport (3rd time in my life I've been in a taxi).
  9. Squint at the hazy sunshine & wear red prada sunglasses if necessary.
  10. Remove boots with buckles for airport security whilst security guys stare at your chest trying to work out what your shirt says. Have a conversation that concludes with "well, I guess the world does need more cheerful t shirts and less rude ones."
  11. Call your father for a chat while eavesdropping on small children who are SO excited to watch planes land and take off.
  12. Get excited to watch planes land and take off
  13. Grin at the wide open blue sky as you walk across the tarmac to board the plane.
  14. Ask a lady to get out of your seat so you can have the window seat 28A you booked and proceed to chat about her kids and her travelling misfortunes while watching the hot flight attendant's safety instructions.
  15. Don't purchase anything from the inflight cafe.
  16. Write several postcards instead and do some spanish verb conjugation.
  17. Contemplate a nap.
  18. Take photos of what you think might be the Gold Coast.
  19. Don't have any checked in baggage to wait for.
  20. Get picked up by Paul and Aaron in a vehicle playing loud Bliss n Eso, and stop at Bilo on the way home to buy razors.
  21. Claim the spare bedroom with a double bed and huge stash of huge pillows.
  22. Greet Tia the and a cat called Mountain Puss.
  23. Admire a guy's new moto boots.
  24. Plot to use popcorn as bribes so we can borrow someone's car over the next week.
  25. Have difficulty finding the Thai restaurant we booked for dinner (ie walk up & down Beaumont street holding hands with someone handsome)
  26. Eat chicken satay sticks, moneybags, macadamia king prawns, plenty of vegetables and Siam duck until we pleasantly get extremely full of great food whilst discussing things with gusto and with Paul (wide eyes, gestures, giggles and grins).
  27. On the way back to the car get stopped by a guy inviting us to church & have a good chat with him about christianity, peace, the local area, how he works as an electrician & how Paul wants to work in sales.
  28. Notice the night air is beginning to get rather chilly.
  29. Stop at Macca's on the way home to use their toilets and look for Rich (don't find him).
  30. In the car, listen to inspirational CDs about network marketing.
  31. Stargaze on the driveway.
  32. Grin a lot. Confirm that most everything is brilliant.
  33. Grin a lot more.
  34. Enjoy some additional mandatory admiration of the new moto boots.
  35. Nibble at a cube of cheese while chatting with Maxine about life and work and uni and health and happiness.
  36. Check results for Adult Development & Ageing mid semester exam & discover you got a grand 82%.
  37. Spend forever trying to get to sleep 'cause you're too busy grinning at the ceiling and being horrendously happy.

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