Thursday, November 18, 2010

thursday 18th november 2010

Thursdays are great when you are home with a sister to fishtail braid her hair first thing in the morning and eat blackcurrant jam on bread for breakfast together. Thursdays are great when it's raining and you can wear floral tights and pat a hyperactive jack russel. It's great when I can go see the 7th Harry Potter movie, meet a new friend named Kylie, have italian food at a nice restaurant and laugh at how awesome Jaimee is with her family.

Thursdays are great when I can stand in the rain with a blue umbrella and feed the cows and take photos of their calves head butting each other. Thursdays are great when sister and I are home alone, listening to The Ting Tings and Bruce Springsteen, eating philly cheese on Jatz, getting maths homework done but leaving dirty dishes lying on the bench, and I'm not writing my Nanowrimo but I'm talking on the phone late at night to a hilarious guy who loves me to pieces.

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