Friday, November 19, 2010


It's the nineteenth of november which is a great day for sleeping in until well after sister has left for school. A great day for having 3 apple computers to choose from - one for sims 2, one for writing 262 nanowrimo words, one for music, and then an iphone for facebook. It's a day for piano playing as loud as you like and a sister who grins as she walks down the driveway because she can hear the piano and that means life is pretty wonderful today.

It's a day for walking in the rain and getting wet feet and buying hot chips from shop people who know your name and ask how are your parents these days and you reply they are wonderful thanks. It's a day for making cherry cheesecake in a yellow kitchen, a day for wearing stripes and listening to the 1st Harry Potter audio book, a day for packing the dishwasher, posting a video on youtube, letting the dog inside when no one is looking, waiting for phone calls and telling your sister that she has great clothes.

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╩Łaimee said...

today is a great day to tell Hannah how amazing she is <3