Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes the only things you have to blog about are ordinary things, like grocery shopping and hanging washing and talking to your mother. Ordinary things like patting a jack russell and typing 615 nanowrimo words in 10 minutes. Ordinary things like steak and salad and piano and singing. Unexceptional phone calls and freshly-washed hair wrapped up in a purple towel and refreshing your facebook page six million times. Still, I think these ordinary things are rather extraordinarily good things. That's what today is all about. These little things I think don't matter.

Buying philly cheese and blackberries and attempting to successfully manoeuvre a trolley with a bung wheel. Hanging yellow sheets on a washing line against a grey sky - dashing out to get them in as twilight begins to rain. Chattering to mother about all the brisbane people I miss, laughing at dad's jokes, talking to sister in the next room via skype. Asking wilbur-puppy how his day has been and growling at him as he gets caught up under my feet, racing to and fro, hyperactive as always. Getting a little bit excited again about this whole Nanowrimo business, and realising that my nanowrimo morale for each day is directly correlated to how many words I've written.

Tea with the family consists of steak and huge piles of salad, newspapers piled up on one end of the dining table. Afterwards there is piano and singing and an attempt to remember some spanish words. Quick phone calls, long showers, and plenty of time meandering around the internet. That is a lovely and ordinary thursday for me, thank you very much.


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